Increased profits across industry spectrum

We are passionate about creating mutual success, for our clients, exceeding their expectations and helping them become more successful. Take a look at some of the industries we serve and how we can put our solutions to use for your business.


When documents need to be processed quickly and accurately, it's best to rely on an automated process than manual data entry. Through Advanced Accounting Spectrum™, we deliver cost-effective solutions to provide an accurate and expedited approach for both accounts receivable and payable.

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Restaurants & Retail

The restaurant and retail industries move quickly. The profit margins are slim and you need data captured promptly with little to no error. With Advanced Retail Spectrum™, you're covered whether you work out of the home office or within any of your storefronts.

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The miss of a simple keystroke while entering data could prove costly to a healthcare payer. In an ever-changing industry, using the automated Advanced Healthcare Spectrum™ could mean more accurate data capture, a reduction in operating and administrative costs and increased productivity.

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Financial Services

ADS works directly with some of the largest financial institutions in the world, providing large scale, enterprise-wide solutions. No matter the type of financial services your institution provides, we will engross ourselves in your business to create the right solution to improve efficiency and drive profits.

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You know the drill. A mountain of transcripts and applications arrive right as admissions deadlines approach. Even if you receive these documents electronically, the information needs to be processed right away to keep top students interested and from committing to another institution before they hear back from you.

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Insurance Tracking

We do the data entry for your insurance notices, thus reducing your data entry costs. Your staff is free to tackle the work they were meant to; customer service. Our industry experience provides better setup and ongoing execution for insurance trackers.

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