Intelligent data capture

Data is an integral part of your business, but it could be keeping you from achieving efficiencies in your business process. That's why at ADS we work tirelessly to understand your business and to present the best solution with integrity.

Data Capture Solutions

We developed our Advanced Capture Spectrum™ platform so you can reduce operating overhead costs and get subject-matter experts out of the task of inputting data. Our powerful Intelligent Data Capture Engine is a simple, effective platform. Together, we can efficiently connect the right information at the right time. We’re both committed to your success.

  • Advanced Capture Spectrum:
    Start unlocking your company’s full potential today. With our proprietary data capture techniques, you can easily convert your documents into the data and information you need. With Advanced Capture Spectrum, we can harness your data and optimize the way you do business.
  • Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)
    Leveraging a powerful rules-based extraction engine, our IDC solution has the ability to extract data from your semi-structured forms. Moving beyond the traditional optical character recognition (OCR) templates or keyword search techniques, IDC uses a wizard to configure new extraction rules, placing the power of the platform in the hands of a business user.
  • Automated Data Capture (ADC)
    We can streamline data capture from forms to provide accurate information for your business. These include student inquiry cards, order forms, customer change forms, and practically any fixed form in any business. Don’t let your fixed forms overwhelm you.
  • Full Text OCR
    Effectively convert your long text into data that you can easily locate and use when you need it.
  • Redaction
    Our solution supports automatic redaction of data from the visible document image with a number of features that allow any government or private organization to safely and efficiently control sensitive data, such as social security numbers and other personally identifiable information (PII) from document images. Advanced Capture Spectrum allows authorized users to view the full document image while restricted users have sensitive data obscured.