Peladon Software Limited Changes Its Name to Advanced Data Spectrum™

New name better reflects company's broad spectrum of data and document management solutions

ALLEN, Texas – February 28, 2014. Today, Advanced Data Spectrum announced that the company is in the process of changing the name of its UK-based subsidiary, Peladon Software, Ltd., to Advanced Data Spectrum, Ltd. While Peladon Software has helped organizations solve their data and document issues with a broad selection of solutions for over a decade, the name change more strongly represents the scope of the company's offerings and creates a solidified brand worldwide.
"Peladon Software has built a solid reputation as the premier provider of automated data and document capture solutions," says Clint Carter, President of Advanced Data Spectrum. "Since acquiring Peladon Software 3 years ago, our spectrum of solutions and services has expanded, and it is time to reflect that under a unified brand that exhibits the full range of the solutions and services we provide; one that truly communicates everything we do. We believe Advanced Data Spectrum does just that."

Advanced Data Spectrum is a trusted advisor to companies faced with a variety of data and document issues including data capture, conversion, on-demand retrieval processes, and new technology integration. Their wide range of solutions and services increase service levels and improve operating efficiencies by providing access to the organized, comprehensive data needed to make more accurate business decisions. This gives their clients the ability to automate virtually any data and document process, delivering fast, accurate data and reducing the operational costs associated with that data.

Peladon's premier capture product, DocXP, will also be rebranded as Advanced Capture Spectrum™. Advanced Capture Spectrum "reads" and extracts data from document images using state-of-the-art document classification, OCR (optical character recognition) for typed text, ICR (intelligent character recognition) for handwritten text, and data extraction technologies. Advanced Capture Spectrum also provides the product platform for industry-specific solutions, such as Advanced Accounting Spectrum™ and Advanced Retail Spectrum™, which automate data entry from paper and electronic documents and optimize industry-specific processes to leverage that data efficiently and effectively within the business.

"Making the decision to officially change both the Peladon and DocXP name was a big step, but one we felt would be a positive one for both the company and our customers. I'll tell you what hasn't changed," added Carter, "we remain 100% committed to meeting our customer's needs with innovative data and document solutions."

Advanced Data Spectrum service and solutions offerings include:

  • Data and Document Capture
  • Consulting
  • Business Solutions
  • Insurance Tracking Solutions

About Advanced Data Spectrum:

We help our customers transform their documents and data into actionable information to drive business success and profits. With a broad spectrum of products, services, development, integration, and consulting capabilities, we deliver solutions that fit our customers' organization and how they do business. Beyond the efficiency and profit gains, our customers also tell us that they value our team and our role as trusted advisors, working side-by-side with them and helping them to realize the full value of integrating automation and technology into their business processes.

Founded in 1993, Advanced Data Spectrum has grown and evolved from a software consulting company focused in the insurance and financial industries into a full-service data and document technology solutions organization. ADS expanded its market reach globally through its acquisition of our subsidiaries, Peladon Software, Inc., in the U.S., and Peladon Software, Ltd., in the U.K. The organization enhanced its solution suite with the addition of Peladon's DocXP data capture product and related products and services, which provides the organization and its customers with unique and extremely effective techniques to capture data from almost any paper or electronic document. For more information, visit or call 214-495-7387.

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